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The Community Food Pantry Mission:
To address food insecurity among
our Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow neighbors.

The Community Food Pantry purchases and distributes groceries and fresh produce to 1,500 food insecure neighbors—about 520 families. Our financial commitment ensures that all people in need receive nutritious food at least once a month.


Nearly 40 percent of our neighbors are one emergency away from having to make the impossible choice of buying food, paying rent, or staying warm.

Board of Directors


Established in 2009, the Community Food Pantry historically served a monthly average of 100–275 families. During the pandemic, 1,000 families visited each month, a reflection of the dramatic increase in food insecurity. In 2023, the number hovered around 520 families, still well above pre-pandemic figures: food insecurity in our community is ever present. 
The number of Americans who were food insecure—meaning they couldn’t reliably afford to eat—soared last year, to nearly 7 million households, up to 12.8% from 10.2% according to a report just published by the US Department of Agriculture. Among households with children, 17.3% are food insecure. In New York City, one in four children lives in poverty.
Despite somewhat lower inflation and unemployment figures, the pantry’s clients are less likely to benefit from improved economic indicators. Many are underserved seasonal workers, health or education aides, food service, and healthcare workers who are classified by the United Way as ALICE—Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed individuals. 
They are members of the essential workforce who earn just above the federal poverty level but less than what it takes to make ends meet. According to the United Way’s 2023 report for our main service area (Zip code 10591), 39% of the 8,742 total households live at ALICE thresholds and 8% live in poverty. 
The high cost of housing in Westchester County is one of the main factors that forces families to choose between food and other essentials. Financial hardship is also unequally distributed; some demographic groups are more likely to be ALICE than others. 
Your donations make a critical difference to so many of our neighbors. Thank you!


Erin Blanton

Volunteer Coordinator


Lisa Kosan

Vice President, Grants


Suzan Ryan

Christ Church Liaison


Belinda Flores

Vice President, Operations


Janice Landrum



Kim Waddell

Recording Secretary


David Hinman

 Vice President, Purchasing

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Jessica Munzel

Vice President, Operations


Beth Zolkind


Your Neighbors Need Your Support Today!

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